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Kids english News

Note from parents:

We, on uncle Luc's request, asked the kids to write this message in English for practice purposes. 
Soon they will meet with English speaking kids so it's not a bad thing for them to refresh their English skills. 
Also, since, good old 'Billy the Fisher' (un bon ami d'oncle Pierre) most probably speaks English, we
wanted to make sure he would understand the message. It should be noted that the way we proceed
is as follows: The kids write their message by hand in their journal and then the parents type the texts
(with a little corrections). We send the texts to uncle Luc who then posts them on our website.

News No.14 ** 20 november 2010 **

News from Catherine.
My B-day

Yesterday i twas my b-day (birthday). For breakfeast we ate pancakes that  Antoine

Nicolas and my dad had made. " they were delicious! "  My mom asked me when I wanted

my gifts and I said " now please ". So Fromm y parents I got an mp5 " it's awesome

compared to an mp3, I had before. Antoine gave me Mentos! We did school and then we

did a mega cleaning hour.
And then i twas LUNCH! Finally! We ate some nachos. With fresh guacamole  sour cream

and salsa. After lunch we took a shower, and relaxed the rest of the afternoon. For

super my friends Julie  Robin and there parents came over.  We ate PIZZA!!! " My

favorite meal! " My friends gave me a little wooden turtle, and a tee-shirt wich had

(pacific attitude writen on it). They did a tresure hunt for me to find my gifts. My

cake waslime green. " my favorite color " plus there was three stages. I twas super good!
I loved my B-day!!!!
News No.13 ** 10 september 2010 **

News from Catherine.
10 Sep 2010

My tour in Tuvalu

Yesterday morning we took the dinghy to shore because that day we would do the

tour of the island.  We rented two motor bikes which were 10$ per day and 2

bicycles even though it took us an hour and a half to find all that.  First

we went north, we saw a Second World War earth mover (Bulldozer) from Chicago.

We went all the way to the end and made it back to town for lunch. After lunch

we went up south, we saw the Darwin's drill hole and went to the sunset bar at

the end of the south part. We were supposed to see a bunker but we didn't find

it. At the end of the day, we had visited the whole complete island. Now we're

heading to Vanuatu. 


News No.12 ** 22 août 2010 **

News from Catherine.
20 Aug 10

My first business
Yesterday Thomas and Nicolas thought of making up a business for making a

little money. I thought that was a great idea so I also made up my business

with my brother Antoine. Our business is called (Cleaning Masters!) and our

brothers are called (The Workmates!) After making our business card we decided

to eat lunch and after that we would go and offer our help to boats. So after

lunch we left with the dinghy and went around the boats. No one wanted help so

we said 'maybe we should go on the dock and check if other people want our help'.
We went on the dock and said, Thomas Nicolas you go left and I and Antoine will

go right. The first boat me and Antoine went was empty, second one empty as well,

but the third one they wanted our help.
So we came back half an hour later and we went on their boat. First we did the

dishes, after we did some cockpit cleaning, after that we cleaned a compartment,

after cleaning the compartment Antoine left because he was tired. I stayed there

for almost one hour more than him. After we finished cleaning the deck I said to

them that I should leave so I left with 5$ in my hand and that is how my day ended...


Robinson's Crusoe Resort - 14 Aug 2010

When we arrived at the anchorage we ate lunch and left with the dinghy to go and

visit the resort. The people at the resort where very welcoming. We stayed all

afternoon for the several activities coming up... We did a hermit crab race. We

where 16 people and 16 hermit crabs. There were 3 winners, the first winner was

me, the second a chinese woman and the third was Nicolas. We (all 3 winners) got

a necklace and two flowers. After that we went to a volley ball game, I Thomas

and Antoine participated. The only boring thing is that we don't know which team

won... We ate supper there,the potatoes were cooking outside on the burning

rocks. They showed us where they cooked our dinner and then our family walked on

the fire except Nicolas (he was a little scared!). After supper there was a wonderful

dancing group that danced for at least an hour and a half. They did fire dancing,

machete dancing and local dancing!The next morning we ate breakfast at the resort.

There was beans, bacon, toast and cereals. After breakfast we rented a big ball

that you just stand in it and turn like a hamster but the ball is in the water.

We also did the crab race again but this time there was 50 people. In the resort

there was also excellent ice-cream Mmmmm! That nite we celebrated our end of school

year we had peanuts, candies, chocolate, chips and popcorn... We all got books but

Thomas got a watch for ending primary school! Now we are heading for Denarau marina.

I'll tell you more later.

News No.11 ** 08 août 2010 **
News from Thomas.
Yasawa, 6 Aug 2010A few weeks ago we where in Wallis and the only reason we came back to Fiji was

because of the damn fridge and at the same time for Isabelle's wedding. Well

I'm pretty happy the fridge didn't work or we would be in Marshall Islands right

now! And let me tell you, to get to the Marshall it's a lot of wind on the nose.

But the only thing is that we had to stay in Vuda point marina. The only problem

is that in Vuda point it's a hell of a Hot Spot but I couldn't care less to burn

in the sun. The only thing I wanted was that when I would get out of that marina,

I could get a nice glass of cold water and I am happy to tell you that my wish

came true!

So the point is we went to Isabelle and Brian's wedding and there I met a 13 year

old boy called Jens. And that is how we finished up, us and Wasabi, in the Yasawa

starting our visit at Modriki. When we arrived they offered us to drink some kava.

If I had the choice I wouldn't of drank it but I had to, so I did and I found it

had a really weird taste. The next morning after visiting the island we went to

Navadra where we had a big fire and we had a lot of fun climbing the big mountain.

The next day we went to Octopus resort! We had a lot of fun with Jens, playing in

the pool. My dad also went to night dive with a local and Brian and they brought

us back 11 slipper lobsters. Miaaam!
News No.10 ** 20 juin 2010 **
Are new boat ?
Catherine :
20 June 2010Last week, we bought an optimist (little sailing boat) which we worked hard on,

in the last few days. Yesterday, we went on a full day navigation trip with our

optimist, along with other local kids on their own optimist. We started from

the marina and sailed three nautical miles until we arrived to a little beach

where we set up our group of optimists and lasers. We all jumped in the water

until we started to be really hungry. Then we ate up all hot dogs which were

delicious. When it was 1 PM, we started to sail back to the marina. Nicolas

and Thomas each went with a guy named Ratu on a laser which rode very much faster

than our optimists so they arrived first. We were really lucky to go there because

that picnic was only once a month. I'm really happy we bought an Opti.
20 June 2010A few days ago, just when we arrived in Savusavu, a security guy from the marina,

called Simon, showed us the backyard where they stored the optimists that the marina

owned, and two optimists which he thought were for sale. In fact, after talking to

the owner, we found out that they were for sale but nothing came with them.

Finally, after talking about it for a while, he said we could look around to see

if we can find any spare parts in the backyard. The next day we had already found

everything, the only thing we were missing was the center board and the rudder.

As you know, those two things are quite essential. We knew there was an optimist

sailing activity planned for Saturday so we hurried up and within a few days Jacques

and my dad had built a center board and a rudder with pieces of wood, we installed

different hooks and cleats and we named our optimist Mini Mousses. With blue paint,

Catherine, Nicolas, Antoine and I printed our four hands on the side of the boat and

we used red letters to write the name on the back of the boat. We painted the center

board with white paint. On Saturday we were with the other kids, navigating our optimist.

Between you and me, our optimist was one of the nicest ones.

After one hour navigating, we arrived on a beach where we played and ate some hot dogs.

When we came back the difference was that this time I did not do half the way in the

optimist. It was Catherine and Antoine who sailed it back the whole way. I came back

in a laser with a boy called Ratu (13 years old). After capsizing 5 times we finally

arrived at the boat. I had a great day of navigation and I assure you that we will not

let our optimist rot on the deck.

I forgot to say that without the help of Jacques and my dad, we would never have finished

this project on time for Saturday. We were lucky because Jacques gave us all sorts of

equipment like oars and others to outfit our optimist.

News No.9 ** 21 october 2009 **

What was the thing you loved the most last summer ?
Catherine :
21 oct 09

My uncle Luc asked us to write in english about the favorite thing we
did last summer:

I liked a lot Mopelia because we had a lot of activities there. We made

very good friends with the people who lived there (Kalami, Sophie and the

two boys). We went coconut crab chasing and caught a lot. We even still

have one live crab on board the boat and we give him water and coconut

for him to live. They had like 10 so cute baby dogs and each day we would

go on the beach and play with the dogs. They also invited us to eat several

time so we tasted new things like: pig in caramel, parrot fish, etc. They

taught us a new game and it was a difficult game. We also taught them how

to do limbo and they loved it. Those are the reasons I loved Mopelia the


Mopelia was wonderful.

Nicolas :

21 oct 09

My uncle Luc asked us to write in english about our favorite place and
the favorite things we did last summer.

At Moorea Jacques from Alexander IV gave us a fish to go feed the rays. So at

twelve we went to see the rays and there were so many of them. We gave the fish

to the rays and under the rays, on their belly it was soooooo soft because we could

touch them. After, we went to see the tikis under the water. Also, we went to the

beach and we did a birthday party for Amanda. Amanda is Catherine's friend. My

other favorite place was Mopelia because there were lots of coconut crabs there and

there were little puppy dogs that we could hold in our hands. And daddy went fishing

with the man on the island (Kalami). They went fishing for lobster and they came

back with six lobsters and 1 crab. We did a party on the beach with them and they

killed a pig and we ate the pig and lobster and crab. We played limbo during the

party and I was good. When we left Mopelia we had four new friends. We had Johnny,

Peter, Craby and Tony, four coconut crabs. We kept them alive on the boat for a few

weeks in the crab pit and after we ate 3 coconut crabs. My mom made delicious crabcakes

with them. Now we have only one crab left and it is Peter. We give him coconut to eat

and water to drink. Soon we will have to eat Peter because if we don't, when we arrive

in New Zealand, they are going to take it from us.

I had a great summer.
21 Oct 09My favorite activity last summer was when we climbed the Aorai mountain. We
went with ours friends from Lucey Blue. We took a bus to the beginning of the

mountain where my dad was able to get us a ride to 600 meters up the hill (at
the Belvedere Restaurant) where we started climbing. We walked up 800 meters up
to get to the cabin and I was the first to get there. The cabin was very simple
and had uncomfortable wooden beds with no mattresses. It was also very cold but
we resisted and the next morning we made a fire and we ate some M&Ms and some toasts
for breakfast and after we came down the mountain and we ate lunch at McDonald's.

News No.8 ** 17 juin 2009 **
The last news for this school year
Catherine : How is life without your brother an parent ?
I'm waiting the anwser from Catherine
Thomas : How is life without your sister
To answer uncle Luc's question " How is life without Catherine"?... Well, we can not say we really miss her but neither does she miss us.
Now when there is music on, it plays alone, with no voice like Catherine 

behind it. It is calmer and there is less fighting. When Catherine left,
Nicolas and Antoine decided to sleep together for the time she is away.
Nicolas now tells bedtime stories to Antoine. Nicolas says that he misses
to eat candy with Catherine. Now I sleep alone and I am completely OK with that. Thomas
News No.7 ** 17 mai 2009 **
Catherine : How was your first strom like ?
During the storm, it was quite OK. I didn't eat a lot but I don't care. We saw

two whales, a lot of rain and lightnings. The waves were about 20 feet tall (high)

and the wind was about 40-45 knots. The thing I loved was that I could finally

play my Gameboy because it has been six months I didn't play with it.
Thomas: How was your first strom like ?
The crossing from Easter Island (to I'm not sure where we will stop), is very rocky

and I don't know why but I just hate those big waves. Even right now, when I am

writing, the waves make me sea sick but anyways, let's continue. During this

crossing, we only caught two fish, a Mahi-mahi and a seriole. We also saw a FONI

(Floating Object Not Identified). It was a whale but we don't know what kind. A few

days later, we saw a water spout at about 60 feet of our boat. Today we were supposed

to arrive at Pitcairn but finally my dad said that we will arrive tomorrow instead.
News No.6 ** 13 avril 2009 **
Catherine : How was the experience with the Giant Turtle ?
Our experience at the turtle farm was super cool.

We even sat on them and Antoine was standing on them. What they liked to eat was

goyava. We also saw one in the mud hah hah. We saw their poo and it was seeds in it

it was goyava seeds. They also get scared when you go too close to them and they

breath like Dark Vader.
Thomas : How was your experience with the sea Iguana ?
My experience with the marine iguanas was magnificent I did some snorkeling once

and I saw one that was eating off the rock and he just came back up after he finished

eating to lie on the rock in the sun. They dive in the water to go eat their favorite

meal, seaweeds. They are just like water makers because to get rid of all the salt

in their body, they just sneeze and they get rid of all of it and they keep the fresh

water in their body. I find the marine iguana very special because of his sense of

being able to dive in the water. In Galapagos, there is 300,000 marine iguanas.

News No.5 ** 15 mars 2009 **
How was the crossing of the Panama Canal
The Panama Canal
15 mars 09 

The crossing of the Panama Canal was pretty fun. To cross you had to have four line

handlers. My mom, Mark, Vanessa and Ina. After we passed the first row of locks,

we arrived at the Gatun Lake and attached ourselves to a mooring and slept there

for the night. The next morning I woke up because of the monkeys, it was like if

I was listening to a football match. Then, we passed the second part of the locks

and arrived to the 'Centennaire Bridge' and then to the America's Bridge

(the one that divides the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic Ocean). Then we deposed

Ina, Simon, Amanda, Mark and Vanessa at the dock and we went to anchor in the

Flamingo Anchorage. I really enjoyed this experience.


15 mars 09 The Panama Canal CrossingWhen we crossed the Panama Canal, we were twelve people on board. We were three

boats attached together and it was fun. After we passed the first three locks,

there was a big buoy. We were two boats attached together on the buoy. The next
morning we sailed for a little ride of four hours to Pedro Miguel Locks and we

saw a crocodile. We had lunch there and it was fun. After crossing the Canal,

we went to Balboa Yacht Club to drop Amanda and her family to their hotel and Mark
and Vanessa. I cried a lot when Amanda left but I know I will see her again.


News No.4 ** 6 février 2009 **
Finally meeting with Malik
6 fév 09
When we did the crossing from Quebec to La Rochelle, we met some kids that were on 

the boat Malik. In the Azores and La Rochelle we played a lot together but when we

received our autopilot we had to leave for Las Palmas. After they got back from

Paris they had to get their boat out of the water. We had to separate from them

and it was very hard. But two days ago we met again in Soufrière and we did some

snorkling together and we had lots of fun but after two days we had to leave them

again. Not for five months this time but for three years.
6 fév 09 When we arrived in Rodney Bay (Ste-Lucia), we called Malik but they did not answer.

Before we arrived we caught a little tuna and we wanted to invite Malik for supper. 

We finally got in touch with them and we invited them to Antoine's birthday. The next

day, for Antoine's birthday, we ate our tuna. I invited Pascale to come and do a

sleep over but we had to wake up at 06h00 AM the next day because we needed to leave

for Aruba. Now we are crossing to Aruba. Catherine
News No.3 ** 25 novembre 2008 **
How was your vacation in Las Palmas
Our vacation at Las Palmas was good. We met new friends. I met a girl, her name

is Amanda, she is nine like me and she is very nice with me. We did a bus tour

together and itwas fun, we even ate candies together mmmmmmm! We went to beach

parties, sailing courses, dress up parties, ... And a lot of other things. Then

thing I like the most of the parties was that we got to go to sleep very late!!!

At our dock, we went swimming in the water, that is all I wanted to say. Today we

were very lucky, we got one mahi-mahi after we got another mahi-mahi and after

another mahi-mahi and after another mahi-mahi so we got five mahi-mahis the last

one was big big. Can you tell we were very very lucky, I certainly can!


3 days ago, Uncle Luc us what activity we did with ARC and what new friends we 

made. In Las Palmas, we made a lot of friends on different boats and each time,

we had an activity all our friends were there but nobody else was there. It

looked like we met every kid that did the ARC Rally and they were all in our

section, the catamaran section. I chose today to write my journal because

today we won't believe me, we didn't catch one fish but 5 fishes. They were

Mahi-Mahi and one of them weigh 6 pounds and in total we have 14 pounds of fish.
News No.2 ** 25 octobre 2008 **
How is the relationship between the kids an the parent on the boat ?
3 days ago, uncle Luc asked to me and Catherine what was the relationship between our brothers and
sisters and the relation between the kids and the parents so this is the answer. We like to play together 
when we are at sea and there is not big waves but sometimes, there are a little fights between the kids but
it always finishes good. The relation between the parents is good also we like to do school and learn
things about sailing. Thomas

When Arnaud was not on the boat, we never had something to do but now that he is here, we always have
something to do. Antoine, Nicolas, me and Thomas are always the same, we are not nice with each other
but like I said, we play a lot with Arnaud so we don't think to fight. With our parents, it doesn't always go
well but sometimes it goes well. I don't know if it is enough explanation, if not, I'll write more. XXOO Cat
News No.1 ** Fishing details **
Fishing instructions from Catherine:
Hello, It started when we were on a time out in our room. Our dad checked our line and it was heavy. So he called us
to remove the line out of the water. And our mom saw a shiny thing on the line. It took five minutes to remove
the line out of the water. When we saw the fish, we were really excited. It was a tuna. Now enough explanation.  Why don't we talk
about other things. Explanation: We caught this tuna with a squid for bait. The bait was pink and blue. The speed of the boat was five knots. 
Thomas and Nicolas chose the bait so we say it's them who caught the fish. The depth of the line was one meter. I hope you loved my story because I worked really hard. Catherine love you

Fishing instructions from Thomas and Nicolas:
Hello everyone, to make the point of the fish clear, here is some information about it.  We caught the fish on 26th
Sep at 13:30 hrs so it led us time to clean and cut it.  To catch the tuna, for bait we used a squid that we just
bought at the boat show of La Rochelle. Nicolas and I got the fish on the boat. It took about 5 minutes. The
boat was going at five knots. The line was 20 meters behind and the bait was dragging one meter down in the
water. When we got the tuna on the boat, we evaluatedthat it was about 10 pounds. So we said maybe it was
enough food. For dinner we ate some sushis and some kebabs and it was delicious. I never ate fresh fish like that. 
So I hope it's enough information, if not just send us an e-mail.