Style and sophistication are the two main aspects of any executive or a person with white-collar. A person of executive level always prefers things that have the characteristics of urbanity and functionality. For this being the reason, a bunch of white-collars every year invest a huge sum in buying coaches from executive coach builders.

The concept of coachbuilding is apparently primitive. Post World War II, the production of superlative coaches has seen a downfall at large. However, still there are many companies which are indulged in making the finest coaches for luxury cars across the globe. In the age of automation and advanced technology, hand-built luxury cars have cornered the market.

People with huge assets still prefer to choose the primary framework of their luxurious cars from estimable executive coach builders. The exemplary craftsmanship of the coachbuilders over the years has managed to get a competitive edge over the automation.

So, if you are planning to buy a limo, check out the coachbuilders mentioned below who still instill the art and craft of hand-made framework of cars.

  • Carrozzeria Touring

Not known to many, but Carrozzeria Touring is a big name amongst the executive coachbuilders. Founded in 1926 in Italy, the company garnered attention due to construction methodology. The builders with a meticulous approach and proper planning make sure that the framework is lighter. This keeps this company ahead of the pack. This method is popularly termed as superleggera method. Needless to mention, by adopting this approach, the builders got ample flexibility to incorporate more features regarding designing and also manufacturing.

  • Zagato

Zagato is supposedly the most popular Italian coachbuilders that serve customers across the 7 great oceans. The company made its official appearance in 1919. Initially, the makers were into manufacturing both airplanes and automobiles. However, with the pace of time, the company shifted its focus on making frameworks and coaches for cars. One of the most popular models from the house of Zagato is Aston Martin V12.

  • Motorima

This a company based in Sweden which has successfully broke the dominance of Italian coachbuilders. It is one of those executive coachbuilders that are still running successfully without any interruption. With a strong desire for making exquisite car bodies, the company rose to prominence some 31 years back. If you can afford at least a million dollar, you can buy a car with its framework.

  • Pininfarina

This is another big brand from the soil of Italy. The company is mostly known to the buyers due to its diverse work and designs. The professionals render genuine craftsmanship with the utmost accuracy and precision in the framework. Not known to many, the Ferrari 458 chassis is made for singer Eric Clapton is obtained from this very company.

  • Moal Coachbuilders

Almost a century old, this is one of the best executive coachbuilders. Moral coachbuilders rose to fame and gathered attention by coachbuilding hot rods. The current owner of the company is an active member of the Hot Rod Hall of Fame.

So, before getting a luxury ride for you, make sure you grab the best from the rest boasting a big name. This is because brand matters!


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