There are various kinds of cranes such as marine cranes, Heila knuckle boom cranes, ship deck telescopic cranes, offshore cranes, etc. Here you are going to know about different types of cranes which are supplied by many leading companies all over the world. Crane providing companies supply heavy-duty marine cranes that are specially designed to function in unfavorable conditions to meet demanding safety and performance standards and for shipboard applications. The cranes found in reliable companies are suitable for use in a spectrum of sea wave heights and conditions, as well as offshore cranes.

Telescopic foldable and knuckle boom marine cranes

The scope of foldable HLRM and HLM telescopic cranes holds capacities ranging from 3 tonne-meter ™ to 150 tm. These cranes keep the torque stable which will assist to reduce the pendulum effect. Heila knuckle boom cranes have a compact ergonomic design with reliable, easy, and safe operation. Its maintenance is also inexpensive and simple.

Heila knuckle boom cranes are built to handle heavy cargo on offshore units and board ships comprising dredging support, general cargo movement, anchor support, and seismologic research.

heila knuckle boom cranes

Ship deck telescopic cranes

 The HMR-S series of telescopic cranes hold capacities from 3 tm to 90 tm. These cranes can be functioned hydraulically even without a knuckle operation and it must always be utilized with a hoisting winch fitting. Telescopic cranes are importantly used for handling rig boats and hoses, general cargo, and general service on offshore units and board ships.

Offshore cranes

 You can have offshore cranes with AHC systems as per customer specifications that can withstand adverse risks and conditions encountered by offshore handling equipment. The overall range of customized items can be distributed for protecting gas and oil offshore applications. They are significantly used for service on offshore and subsea units and general cargo handling.

 boom cranes heila knuckle

Stiff boom and jib marine cranes

HMR-F series of stiff boom cranes feature capacities from 10 tm to 4500 tm for general cargo handling and offshore installations and service on ships. These cranes are perfect for huge decks with a lot of space. HR-BJ jib cranes are also available in the market that features capacities ranging from 20 tm to 4500 tm which are also ideal for ships with fixed platforms and big decks. Jib cranes have a small number of joints hence less maintenance is needed. They can be used for pipe and hose handling and general cargo.

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