The medical support of the Catmousses

1)      Intubation and Ventilation by Combitube

2)      Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Respiratory Tract Relief

3)      Intravenous System Installation and Physiological Saline Care

4)      Technique of cleaning, debridement, “Packing” and repair of wounds using

      aseptic techniques and by stitches.

5)      Complete treatment of anaphylactic shock

6)      Injection of drug intramuscularly and subcutaneously

The team in Remote Supporting Country (Telemedicine)

1 Physician  able to give an opinion in less than 8 hours

1 Former Medical Assistant and Paramedic technician  (Dominica) available 24 hours a day

1 Multidisciplinary Nurse

1 Nurse and Paramedic Technician

1 Pharmacist Consultant

1 Specialized Office of Preventative Medicine in Deployments Worldwide  (Prophylaxis

   anti-malaria (Malaria) among others)