Swat trucks or vehicles are the part and parcel of every reputed police department in the States and beyond. Transferring, armed tangible police units, eminent ministry personnel’s through areas of compromise, these vehicles offer certain amounts of safety in situations leading to an armed confrontation.

So, if you’re an officer or assistant charged with purchasing a few swat vehicles for your defense department, then it is best to pick the most advanced ones in the industry.

However, if you’ve limited knowledge on Swat vehicles, often you can end up purchasing the one that looks the best.

Thus, to aid you out, it is best that you have a concrete beginner’s knowledge on swat cars, and understand the basic features offered in most. Luckily, in this aspect, this blog can aid you out. So, sit back and magnify your knowledge on swat vehicles.Swat trucks

Features of Police Swat Cars: In Sequence

Swat Vehicle: Armoring

  • Generic Swat trucks come equipped with armor on all six sides; front, roof; sidewalls, rear, floor, and doors are secured via armor.
  • These follow customary ballistic exterior steel armored.
  • Fuel and fire tank are also equipped with armor, and there are gun ports located under windows.
  • Come clothed with bulletproof glasses that have the ability to block caliber rifle bullets, along with front ram bumper and radiator protection.
  • Front passenger doors, single rear and driver door placed categorically in a cohesive vehicle body.

Swat Vehicle: Electrical System

  • These swat trucks embrace all body wiring, to chassis wiring, along with separate body wiring panels for smooth electrical power distribution.
  • Switch panels equipped with lighting switches.
  • Control panel for drivers.

Swat car

Swat Vehicle: Safety

  • Chassis equipped with D.O.T. safety equipment.
  • All swat trucks come with night dome and recessed daylighting both at front and back.
  • Rear and Front lobe lights.
  • Each seat encompasses three-point sheathable safety belts.
  • Doors locks are high security and use high profile Rotary latch cylindrical locks.
  • Each truck comes with 2 fire extinguishers, one at the back and front.

Swat Vehicles: Comfort Features

  • All vehicles come with the added perk of heaters and air conditioners in the rear compartment.
  • Full-length grab handles in the exterior.
  • Stationary storage with optional bench seat folding.
  • Combines running boards for deploying personnel with an extra wide bumper in the rear.

Swat Vehicles: Design

  • The interior paint uses zoletone splatter.
  • The exterior paint uses one-color DuPont Imron paint.

Apart from these generic features come the optional features for swat vehicles. These generally determine the pricing and depending on the needs of your swat team, pick the ones that will suit your defense needs best.

Swat vehicles

Optional Features:

  • Armor shielded fuel tank
  • GPS, DVD recorder, monitor Systems
  • Cameras
  • Run-flat-tires
  • Rotating and Fixed roof hatch
  • Stealth light option
  • Radio and Antenna
  • Armor within OEM fenders

Well, there you go! The different features of swat trucks displayed for your comprehension. So, study through, and pick the vehicle that encompasses most of these swat features for aiding your defense team. For more information read this article!

[Note: To find the best dealer, go through website directories and compare prices to ensure that you get the best deal on swat cars.]

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